Dvoress and Bicknell top the Canadian GPI POY rankings at the end of May

The Global Poker Index has opened the GPI Player of the Year race for 2022. A few months passed, Jeremy Ausmus topped the global rankings, Kristen Nyman topped the POY women’s category, and Ankit Anuja topped the Mid-Majors leaderboard. A couple of months ago, The Global Poker Index kicked off its new season with many talented players vying to be the best in the area; however, one name that stands out from all the rest is Bar Hoang, also quite famous in these parts.

It’s no surprise that with the Who’s Who lineup of professional poker players in Canada’s Player of the Year competition, Daniel Negreanu led the way after he won in 2021. Alexander Livingston was next, followed by Giuseppe Galluzzo and Ryan Smith. The prestigious award recognizes those who excel on the literal and spiritual battlefields and makes them contenders for the best poker player in Canada.

Overall GPI

The WSOP is about to start, and right now, we can see who is at the top of the GPI POY rankings. In two months, things will change dramatically as Las Vegas hosts many other major live tournaments!

Overall GPI

Jeremy Osmus is the undisputed king of poker. The WSOP has just started, and he’s already accumulated over 1 million chips, making him one to watch as we near the end of this year!

Ali Imsirovic risks losing his second place. He hasn’t played high rollers since April, around the time allegations of cheating were rampant, and was recently seen playing a small-stakes online poker tournament where only $100 was awarded for first place!

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  • Jeremy Osmus (USA) – 3,065.33 points
  • Ali Imsirovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – 3,049.11 points
  • Stephen Chidwick (Great Britain) – 2927.04 points
  • Alex Foxen (USA) – 2,518.33 points
  • Farid Jattin (Colombia) — 2,516.52 points
  • Bing Weng (USA) – 2,428.09 points
  • Shannon Schorr (USA) – 2,421.48 points
  • Daniel Dvoress (Canada) – 2,384.18 points
  • Chris Brewer (USA) – 2,354.35 points
  • Julien Sitbon (France) – 2289.62 points

POY Intermediate

Middle majors are a great way to find talent that might otherwise go unnoticed. These players are overlooked in high-stakes tournaments and rank very low on lists like this one, but they still have plenty of room to make a name for themselves in tournaments under $3,000!

Julien Alexan Sitbon is a French player in the UK. He’s already earned over $345k this year and has won tournaments on both sides of Europe – like his recent Monte Carlo successes or wins at various tournaments at home just last month! This professional poker player has even played in two major final table tournaments: the £30K One (UKIPT), which was streamed live from London; the other takes place through the WSOP Circuit Cannes, where players compete against each other, trying not only to win their own money but also to earn more by finishing first among all competitors.

While this is not a completely new list, a few familiar names exist. For example, Amazon (com), Apple Inc., Fitbit or Netflix may be on your phone from time to time when you think about what’s trending in technology, but they will always be there!

  • Julien Sitbon (France) – 1763.12 points
  • Ankit Ahuja (India) – 1,626.63 points
  • Maurice Hawkins (USA) – 1599.13 points
  • Jessica Wierling (Germany) – 1,571.78 points
  • Brett Apter (USA) – 1518.89 points
  • Aaron Massey (USA) – 1,506.84 points
  • Raul Garza (USA) – 1498.49 points
  • Scott Baumstein (USA) – 1497.91 points
  • Tuan Mai (USA) – 1481.09 points
  • Anthony Cierko (France) – 1476.38 points


Jessica Wierling is fast becoming one of the most dominant poker players. Originally from Germany and now based in Las Vegas, she is already ranked #4 on this year’s global mid-major list with over $218,000! Her highlights include winning two Resorts World events, as well as finishing third at last month’s Choctawwalhalla WSOP Circuit, and finishing in the Orleans race during the MarchMania Poker Series – impressive results indeed!

The top 10 women to receive the GPI POY award are:

  • Jessica Wierling (Germany) – 1,571.78 points
  • Kristen Nyman (USA) – 1527.36 points
  • Christina Gollins (USA) – 1399.67 points
  • Elanit Hasas (USA) 1237.70 points
  • Valerie Novak (USA) – 1085.72 points
  • Iris Angeleri (USA) – 1076.43 points
  • Hope Magnus (USA) – 1057.87 points
  • Loni Harwood (USA) – 997.65 points
  • Kina England (USA) – 965.88 points
  • Kristen Bicknell (Canada) – 899.87 points

Canadian POY

In the Canadian Player of the Year race, Daniel Dvoress ran away from first place, and Negreanu came in third.

Dvoress didn’t start grinding until he went to the Triton Poker Series in Cyprus and won a $700,000+ tournament, but that’s not all. At the EPT Monte Carlo last month, Dorett made three final tables, finishing 2nd twice, playing high stakes poker on both sites: in the iSoftBet Super High Roller series and then again when they invited him back last week to their competition, where the winners were awarded even more prize money – just over $1 million in total!

One of America’s most prestigious poker tournaments got even more exciting. The Dvoressian Summer Series has started to pick up steam, with top-notch players from all over the world looking forward to some big payouts at this year’s final table! The event is hosted on a Cracked Table shorthand system, which means you won’t need charts or strategies when you sit down at your laptop next Monday afternoon (or evening).

  • Daniel Dvoress – 2384.18 points
  • Michael Watson – 1,835.71 points
  • Daniel Negreanu – 1,482.99 points
  • Timothy Adams – 1455.33 points
  • Sam Greenwood 1352.93
  • Erik Afriat 1289.94 points
  • Alexander Livingston 1188.01 points
  • Dominic French – 979.71 points
  • Giuseppe Galuzzo – 902.41 points
  • Kristen Bicknell – 899.87 points